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We offer translation services and language teaching for both individual and business clients in Brno and the nearby area. We are committed to providing top quality language services, accentuating the customer’s individual needs and requests. All members of our team are university graduates with plentiful hands-on language experience acquired during long-term stays abroad. This makes our translations and teaching rich in both theoretical linguistic knowledge and cutting-edge, useful, practical language know-how.

We believe we will be able to meet any requests you might have.

Czech for Foreigners

We offer courses in Czech as based on English, German, French, Italian, and Russian. Our teachers, all graduates of universities in both the Czech Republic and abroad, ensure a quality learning time, personalized approach and casual atmosphere. They are members of the Czech as Foreign Language Teachers’ Association; their regular attendance at the meetings helps them to keep up with the current trends in teaching Czech.

Apart from the long-term Czech learning courses, we also offer the Basic Czech course, consisting of 50 condensed lessons focused on everyday Czech designed to help to get through the first culture shock and ease the adjustment to the Czech environment.

Language Teaching

We offer language courses at all levels of linguistic competence for individual students or small groups (5 students at the most). We can thus guarantee each student a highly personalized approach and sufficient space for individual expression. Whatever your desired goal – be it improvement of your casual conversation, broadening vocabulary in a certain field or improving your writing skills – we will always tailor your study plan to fit your needs exactly. You can choose the length, the focus and the thematic scope of your own course. When teaching, we don’t just follow the book; we strongly emphasize the contact with live language and the society that uses it. In our courses, it is not only your language that is going to improve; you will also get to know the social and cultural background of the country in question.

Languages taught:
English, German, French, Italian and Russian

We guarantee:

  • Quality learning with experienced teachers (see Our Team)
  • Courses for all levels of linguistic competence
  • Personalized approach, flexible schedule, individual study plan
  • Cutting edge teaching methods (up-to-date newspaper articles, songs, movies…)
  • Reasonable price
  • Friendly and laid-back teaching environment

Our goal is to teach you how to use a foreign language and prove to you that with skilled leadership and individual effort, communicating in a foreign language is not a problem but a joy.

Translations & Proofreading

Our agency offers high quality translation services both ways between Czech and English, German, Italian, and Russian. Our small team of translators is committed to highly personalized and individual approach to our customer – we don’t outsource our translations, so the client has the opportunity and is encouraged to directly contact the translator of their text in any part of the translating process. When dealing with specialized texts, we use CAT tools which help us ensure unified terminology within the document as well as compliance with the terminology of the corresponding topics on-line. Texts translated from Czech into a non-native language are proofread by a native speaker.

In addition to translations, we also offer interpreting services (consecutive interpreting, chuchotage, sight translation, phone translation).

We also can provide you with detailed proof copies of your texts (in both Czech and the foreign languages). Should you feel unsure about the quality of a text, we will be delighted to proofread it for you, correct it, even reformulate in such a way that it is grammatically and stylistically correct and comprehendible to the reader.

Price List & References

Business Clients Programmes Price List
Prices stated for the group as a whole

Course Number of participants CZK/ 60 minutes CZK/ 90 minutes
Individual 1 student 380,- 550,-
Group 2-10 students 380,- 550,-
Translations and Proofreading Price List

We don’t distinguish between specialized and non-specialized texts


CZK/ 1800 characters (incl. spaces)

Translation from a foreign language to Czech


Translation from Czech to a foreign language


Proofreading of Czech texts


REFERENCES – Language courses


  • Infosys BPO – jazykové kurzy: NJ, FJ, ŠJ, čeština pro cizince, asistence řízení kvality
  • FLSmidth – manažerské kurzy angličtiny a češtiny pro cizince
  • Marsh Brno – jazykové kurzy angličtiny a němčiny
  • Omega Design – jazykové kurzy angličtiny
  • Euro Grand– kurzy češtiny pro cizince, kurzy přes Skype
  • Český filharmonický sbor Brno – komplexní jazykový servis v němčiněa francouzštině
  • Noviko Brno– jazykové kurzy němčiny a ruštiny,překlady v němčině
  • ZUŠ Bílovice – specializované kurzy
  • ZUŠ Pozořice – specializovaná jazyková výuka
REFERENCES – Translations


  • Efeti – tlumočnické služby v italštině
  • Solarismedia – překlady do francouzštiny
  • Euvit – překlady aplikace pro chytré telefony
  • Národní Divadlo Brno – překladatelské služby v němčině
  •, ZES Brno – překladatelské služby v angličtině a francouzštině, titulkování videí
  • Hero Translating – překladatelské služby v němčině a francouzštině
  • Aspena Brno – obecné překlady
  • CZ-IT – právnická němčina
  • Pueri Auri – překladatelské služby v němčině
  • Český filharmonický sbor Brno – komplexní jazykový servis v němčiněa francouzštině
  • JAMU – překlady a tlumočení v němčině a francouzštině
  • Institut experimentální psychologie – tlumočení v ruštině
  • Gentlemen singers – komplexní jazykový servis v němčině a francouzštině
  • ACP Traductera – překladatelské služby v němčině
  • Como Europe– překlady v ruštině, polštině a ukrajinštině
  • JuDr. Michal Marčišin – korektury
  • Aleko– korektury
  • Konzervatoř Brno – tlumočnické služby ve francouzštině
  • – překladatelské služby v angličtině
  • Musica Poetica – překladatelské služby v němčině
  • – překladatelské služby v angličtině


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mobile: +420 736247442
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